December 2013

Kode Error Mesin Fotocopy Canon GP

Kode Error Mesin Fotocopy Canon GP :  

  • Canon GP200 Multi Function Copier 

  • Canon GP210 Multi Function Copier

  • Canon GP330 Multi Function Copier 

  • Canon GP335 Multi Function Copier 

  • Canon GP400 Multi Function Copier 

  • Canon GP405 Multi Function Copier

Kode Error Mesin Fotocopy Canon GP
  1.     E000 Fixing temperature fails to rise

  2.     E001 Fixing temperature rises abnormally

  3.     E002 Fixing temperature fails to reach a specific value

  4.     E003 Fixing temperature drops abnormally

  5.     E007 Fixing film has become displaced

  6.     E010 The main motor fails to lock

  7.     E030 Total counter failure

  8.     E031 Option counter failure

  9.     E032 The copy data controller counter is faulty

  10.     E051 The horizontal registration home position detection mechanism fails

  11.     E064 The high voltage (primary charging, transfer charging, developing) output is faulty

  12.     E100 BD Error

  13.     E110 The laser scanner motor fails to lock

  14.     E190 RAM error

  15.     E191 Communication error between the DC controller & composite power supply

  16.     E202 Scanner home position cannot be detected

  17.     E220 Scanning lamp fault

  18.     E240 Communication error in the DC controller

  19.     E243 Communication error between control panel & image processor PCB

  20.     E261 Error in the zero cross signal

  21.     E301 Intensity of scanning lamp is not correctly adjusted

  22.     E400 Communication error between copier and RDF-G1

  23.     E401 Pick up error in RDF-G1

  24.     E402 Belt drive fault in RDF-G1

  25.     E403 Feeder fault in RDF-G1

  26.     E411 Original tray paper sensor/ registration sensor in RDF-G1

  27.     E422 Communication error between copier and ADF-F1

  28.     E710 Error in IPC communication

  29.     E711 Error in IPC communication

  30.     E712 Error in communication with the feeder

  31.     E713 An IC error has occured (sorter)

  32.     E716 Communication error with the pedestal

  33.     E717 Communication error with the copy data controller

  34.     E803 Error in the output voltage of the composite power supply PCB

  35.     E901 Pedestal motor or controller PCB

Semoga Kode Error Mesin Fotocopy Canon GP bisa bermanfaat untuk anda.
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